9 Moving and Packing Tips

We know that moving can be a hassle. Packing can be intimidating and it can be hard to know when, where, or even how to start. These nine packing and moving tips can help make your move less stressful and will work no matter where you live. If you happen to be located in the Orlando area, we hope that you would be willing to consider us. We know that you want to sell quickly and we have the tools and experience necessary to help create an exciting and low-stress transition into your future home. Here are our nine ultimate moving and packing tips.

Create the Master List

There are so many tasks and activities associated with moving. It can be easy to over focus on one aspect of a move while ignoring others completely. We recommend creating a large, visible, and easily locatable master list so that everyone in your family can contribute to the list and mark items off as they are accomplished. Divide your list into categories. Sometimes, having a "new house" and an "old house" list can be helpful. Write down questions to ask your realtor. We specialize in helping families say goodbye to their homes and hello to their dream homes. We work hard to make sure that things work. If we don't know the answer to something, we will work hard to find you someone who does.

Book Your Movers in Advance

Whether you are hiring professional movers, asking friends for help, or simply renting a moving vehicle be sure to book at least one month in advance. This can prevent unwanted surprises, such as being stuck in your home after closing. Moving services can vary. Some services will pack your house for you while others will load prepacked boxes onto a truck. Decide what you want and what is in your budget. If you're unsure about what company to use, ask your Real Estate Agent. We always have multiple suggestions on hand!

Book Extra Help Early

When moving day arrives we know that there are so many different helpers! Do you have children or pets? We recommend booking the babysitter early. This will make the move less stressful. If you have a cat or a pet, consider asking a friend, family member, or professional to babysit your pet. Veterinarian offices, boarding and grooming specialists, and daycares often offer daytime and overnight boarding for pets. Booking these appointments in advance will help provide you ease of mind on your big day.

Clean Like It's Spring

Every year, we clean our home and discard items that we no longer use. Whether you are moving in April or December, it's time to spring clean. Look through your closet, your drawers, and your garage for items that you no longer use. Consider selling these items or donating these items. The less you have to pack the easier moving week will be.

Obtain Moving Boxes

Once you've sold or donated clothes, appliances, and other objects you'll have a better idea of what needs to be packed. Take inventory. Boxes can be sometimes be obtained for free at liquor stores, grocery stores, and wholesale stores. Boxes can frequently be purchased cheaply at home improvement and hardware stores. If you are unsure of where to find boxes, ask your Realtor! We take pride in helping during your big move.

Stock Up on Moving Supplies

You need more than boxes to move! We recommend stocking up on packaging tape so that you can seal your moving boxes. We also recommend investing in several sharpies so that you can label your boxes. Labeling your boxes will make unpacking easier. Finally, invest in a broom or vacuum to make cleaning up easier. You'll be surprised at how much dust you can find when your items are en route to your new home.

Pack the Non-Essentials First

As you sort through your things, determine what items you need daily and weekly. These items will be packed closer to the move. Items that are reasonable or decorative should be packed first. Packing these as early as a month out can greatly help reduce your stress on moving day.

Schedule Connections and Disconnects

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new Orlando home to discover you have no air conditioning, power, internet or water. Call the power company, electric company, and internet provider at least one week in advance to schedule turning on your new utilities. If you are moving within Orlando, this may involve transferring utilities between addresses. If you are moving from outside the area, this may require setting up new accounts. Be sure to schedule turning off your utilities too so you don't get hit with a double electricity bill. We recommend having one day of overlap in case packing takes longer than expected.

Update Your Address

Once you have the keys to your new home, make sure you can get your mail. You probably receive bank statements, loan information, car information, or magazine subscriptions at your current home. Contact these organizations by phone or online and update your mailing address. Be sure to contact your previous and new post offices so that they are made aware of your change of address. This will help prevent mail from being lost in limbo. Of course, not all address updates have to be tedious. Consider throwing a new address event for your family and friends in the area. This is a fun and festive way to celebrate this new stage in your life.

Moving and Packing is stressful. We hope that our nine ultimate tips for moving and packing help decrease the stress during your move. Remember, your Realtor is just a phone call away to help. If you don't have a Realtor, we hope that you will consider us.

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