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With 2.3 million residents, Orlando is a huge tourist city, home to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, the zoo and botanical gardens, glorious beaches, and more. The real highlight of the city, however, lies within the downtown area.

The downtown area of the city is filled with distinct neighborhoods, each offering a plethora of amenities while keeping you within a few steps of some of the best the city offers. Some of the most luxurious, most beautiful homes in the city are found within the distinct downtown neighborhoods, with a plethora of houses, condos, high rises, and apartments to suit the needs of all who desire a fun-filled downtown lifestyle.

Find the Perfect Downtown Orlando Home

Some people want a home with simple amenities and just the basics. Others desire condos with all the top gadgets and features. Families want quaint neighborhoods with history, and couples need starter homes in great neighborhoods. Our downtown Orlando real estate agents cater to these lifestyles and many others, ensuring the perfect home to meet your needs is found, no matter what that home entails. We offer homes throughout the downtown area, with listings in all price ranges. Whether you are looking to buy a home, a condo, or an apartment, we'll hook you up with the perfect place to call home, in a price that is well within your budget.

We listen to your wants and needs before delving into the perfect home search. We never pressure you into buying something that doesn't fit your ideal standards, or that is out of your budget. Our goal is making your dreams of owning a home a reality while ensuring that you get the home that really sets your heart afire.

Once we understand your needs, we work diligently to find the neighborhood and home that you'll love calling your own. We'll make the process of buying that home simple and stress-free, handling the process from start to finish. When our real estate agent is working for you, it is easy to own your Central Florida home quickly.

A Look at the Downtown District

Downtown Orlando is home to government offices, sports facilities, galleries, night clubs and bars, parks, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Many parades and special events take place in the downtown area each year. There are special Thanksgiving parades in the city, a Christmas parade, and events like the Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Celebration and the Central Florida Fair. With your purchase of real estate in the downtown area, you're always within minutes of entertainment and more.

Some of the best downtown neighborhoods include:

College Park: Working professionals 18 – 49 make up a large portion of the College Park neighborhood, although many seniors also live in the neighborhood within a short proximity of downtown. Around 66% of College Park families have no children. Dubsdread Golf Course, Gabriel's Sub Shop, and Matthews Park are a few of the neighborhood attractions.

Delaney Park: Located south of downtown, Delaney Park is an upscale neighborhood with single-family homes priced starting in the high 280s. Condos and high-rise apartments are also found throughout the neighborhood. Delaney Park neighborhood is home to the park of the same name. Called the City Park, it is the oldest in the city, boasting more than 7.2-miles of beautiful trails, nature, and a playground area, and more.

Baldwin Park: Baldwin park is a downtown neighborhood filled with single-family and attached homes, including apartments and townhomes. Homes for sale in Baldwin Park are large, with a colonial or traditional design. Two to six-bedroom homes are found within the area. Typical prices for homes in Baldwin Park average a low of $250,000. Baldwin Park is home to the city park, as well as numerous points of interests and retail establishments.

Colonialtown: The Financial District is located within the Colonialtown neighborhood of downtown Orlando. Homes in Colonialtown range in size and price, with the average costs starting at about $200,000. Single-family and attached homes are offered for sale in Colonialtown. Beardall Senior Center, Colonialtown Skate Park, and many beautiful parks are found within this neighborhood.

Thornton Park: Oftentimes referred to as the city's most stylish neighborhood, Thornton Park offers luxurious bungalows with wrap-around porches and large front and back yards. A colorful commercial district lies within the Thornton Park area, where many retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments exist. Thornton Park is the perfect place for couples, families, and anyone desiring a laid-back lifestyle still within the heart of it all.

Although the most desirable downtown neighborhoods, these are just a few of the many where real estate is available for you to purchase. Our agents are always ready to help you find the perfect neighborhood to call your own.

Fun Activities Near You

When you're hungry, looking for something fun to do, want to shop, have a craving for the great nightlife, or simply explore the beautiful scenery of the city, the downtown area has a plethora of great choices to suit your time. As the owner of downtown property, you're always within a few steps of some of the city's best attractions, sights, and points of interests. Some of the top downtown activities include:

  • Church Street: Church Street is the place to be when exploring the nightlife of the city is what you have in mind. This is the location of many of the city's top bars and nightclubs, including Chillers, Grey Goose Lounge, and Native Social Bar. There's also a nice selection of authentic restaurants located along Church Street. Hamburger Mary's is a long-time favorite, and a stop at Don Jefe's Tequila Parlour always results in a great meal -and drink. Amway Center is also located within the Church Street district.
  • City Arts Factory: Art fans enjoy touring the City Arts Factory, where the city's largest collection of art is housed. Inside this enjoyable building, guests are treated to contemporary and traditional works of art from local and international artists. Admission is free during the week. The City Arts Factory is within walking distance of Church Street.
  • Lake Eola Park: Lake Eola Park has a great river where visitors can stream inside swan-shaped boats, have a picnic, bird watch, walk trails, or catch a concert at the amphitheater. Many special events are held at the park throughout the year as well.
  • Museum of African American History & Culture: Inside the old Wells' Hotel, the Museum of African American History & Culture features more than 6,000 square-feet of artifacts, displays, décor, furniture decor from the 1930s, and more, on display for visitors to see.
  • Science Center: An array of exhibits designed to enhance curiosity and exploration are found within the Science Center. The hands-on activities, events, presentations, and programs ensure all ages have a great time each time they visit the Science Center.

These activities are all found within the downtown area. The list is only a small sampling of the downtown fun awaiting you. Throughout the city, many fun activities can entertain your time, ensuring you never run out of great things to see and do when you live downtown.

Selling a Central Florida Home? Let Our Realtor Help

When selling your home, our real estate agents make the process easier, ensuring your home spends less time on the market, that you get the asking price for your home, and that you enjoy a stress-free selling process. Going it alone doesn't guarantee a smooth, stress-free sales process. Why take such a risk when our agents are ready to help you?

Our agents are experts in the local real estate market, possessing the techniques and skills needed to sell your home fast. We take the headache out of listing, staging, and closing a home, helping move it off the market as quickly as possible, without compromising your asking price. We work diligently for our clients, exceeding expectations with each step of the home sale process.

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

Selling a home can be an excruciating, time-consuming process, especially if you're unfamiliar with the real estate market, trends, neighborhoods, and other imperative information. Rather than endure headaches, our real estate agents help you sell your home quickly and effortlessly, taking care of the entire process from start to finish. Our agents charge minimal commission fees, and work hard to sell your home quickly.

6 Reasons to Hire our Realtor when Selling a Home

  1. Real estate agents are experienced with the selling process and comfortable with the steps. They're knowledgeable of techniques that help move a home from the market, and take care of all the paperwork and headaches sometimes associated with selling a house.
  2. Agents know the market, as well as housing trends, ensuring you get maximum value for your home while still providing the great value buyers are looking for. When these two components are successfully combined, you are well on your way to an easy home sale, whether you have a house, condo, or an apartment.
  3. Are you good at negotiating? Professional agents are great negotiators, working closely with various people involved with a home sale, ensuring you're getting the best prices all away around the board.
  4. Our agents sell your home faster than you could sell it on your own. We use the latest and greatest marketing techniques and negotiation strategies to get your home on and off the market in the shortest time possible.
  5. Most buyers also prefer working with a realtor when they're interested in a home. It provides interested buyers more confidence in the sale, and peace of mind in the process. When making a major home purchase, this confidence is needed because this isn't a return that you can easily make. Using a real estate agent is the professional way to handle a home sale.
  6. Agents understand codes, laws, and regulations, as well as techniques that help your home sell quickly. With their expertise, you have sound advice designed for your success. Additionally, local agents are familiar with each of the beautiful downtown neighborhoods, with information ready to offer all prospective buyers.

Selling a home shouldn't be scary. When our agents are there to guide you through the process, those worries are left behind. We ensure that selling you home is a smooth, stress-free process from start to finish. Give us a call, and learn how we can help you sell your home.

Let's Talk Real Estate

Advantages of working with a real estate agent, whether buying or selling a home, are numerous, and shouldn't be overlooked. Unless you've worked in the market before, you certainly don't possess the same expertise as an agent, and shouldn't minimize the benefit they provide to the entire homebuying or selling process.

When you're ready to maximize your power, submit the form below and one of our agents will contact you to discuss your real estate needs in-depth. If you prefer, you can call our Orlando realtor directly to begin discussing your personalized needs. There's no cost to complete the form or speak to our agent, so there is nothing to lose. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time you made life easy, letting the experts handle the hard work?

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