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Lake Nona, Florida

Located in southeast Orlando, Florida, Lake Nona is a planned, mixed-use community on the outskirts of the city. Measuring in at 7,000 acres in size, the community is projected to play host to around 20,000 different homes by the year 2020. While its current population is around 50,000, population estimates for 2020 are up around 75,000. Of course, the community’s actual population could be either higher or lower at that time.

An affluent suburb, it is home to the new Medical City, only two of its kind in the world today.  The Medical City is home to Nemours Children's Hospital, University of Central Florida's new Medical School, VA Medical Center, and a new University of Florida distance campus. It sports several primary neighborhoods, including Village Walk, Nona Estates, Laureate Park, and North Lake Park at Lake Nona. Each different neighborhood is characterized by different areas, buildings and atmospheres.

Why Choose Lake Nona?

In a lot of ways, this community is like a town inside of a city. In the end, this gives you the best of both worlds: city life and small town living.

It’s in close proximity to important Orlando destinations and hotspots.

Orlando International Airport - Nona lies around 6 miles southeast of the International Airport, allowing its residents to access major flights with rapidity and ease. This gives you the choice of catching a taxi, or leaving your vehicle at the airport.

Downtown Orlando - Located about 15 miles northwest of Nona, downtown Orlando has a lot to offer in the ways of restaurants, shopping centers, and nightlife hotspots. It’s the heart of the city, and is typically bustling on the weekends. Nona is close enough to the downtown area to allow for quick commuting, but far enough away so that it’s not disturbed by excess noise and pollution.

Universal Studios Florida - If you’ve got kids, or if you’re a big kid yourself, you might be interested in the fact that Universal Studios Florida is just 16 miles west of Nona. This amusement park is packed with tons of exciting, movie-themed rides, and is an undoubtedly fun place to spend a day.

Walt Disney World - Another amusement park (perhaps the most famous amusement park in the world) located in close proximity to Nona is Walt Disney World. About 25 miles west of Nona, Disney World has rides and attractions for people of all ages, from children to adults, and everyone in between.

Of course, if you’re living in the Nona area, you’re probably more interested in what the community itself has to offer. This community is a lot more than the city it exists in, after all. The community is filled with fun and useful resources which will serve to make your life much more exciting and easy.

The Arts

When it comes to art, Nona has got more than enough to quench your thirst. From orchestras, to visual art, and more, you’ll have no trouble getting your fill.

“The Beacon and Code Wall” - Perhaps the premier art piece existing at Nona can be found at the Nona Town Center. This art piece is known as “The Beacon.” It stands in at 6 stories tall, and is part of a nightly video, music, and light show which dazzles its viewers. Standing just next to “The Beacon” is “Code Wall,” a glass wall adorned with various imagery and lines of code. These two art pieces bring a sophistication and modernity to Nona that isn’t present in many other parts of the city.

“Glass House” - Another fine art piece in Nona is the “Glass House.” Located in the Laureate Park Village Center, it stands just next to Canvas Restaurant and Market. This art piece was created by Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin, and is made out of stained glass and other reclaimable materials. In the shape of a house, it possesses a vibrancy that helps give the Nona area an extra shot of atmosphere.

Lake Nona Nights - Some of the most exciting events that happen in Nona are L. Nona Nights. These nights take place periodically throughout the month, and help to bring the Nona community together for a little bit of fun and excitement. Taking place outside of “The Beacon and Code Wall,” these fun-filled nights are characterized by food trucks, movie screenings, and more. There’s no better way to bring in the sunset with your neighbors than at one of these eventful community nights.


The Nona suburb plays host to four different schools. These schools accommodate children in grades from kindergarten through 12th.

Laureate Park Elementary School - Laureate Park Elementary School is an Orange County public school which accommodates students in pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. It is one of the newest built schools in Lake Nona, FL.

North Lake Park Community School - Like Sun Blaze Elementary School, NorthLake Park Community School is an Orange County public school which accommodates students in kindergarten through 5th grade. It’s a slightly larger school, with a student body of around 900, compared to Sun Blaze’s 750. With a student to teacher ratio of 14:1, it is one of the higher rated public elementary schools in the state of Florida.

Lake Nona Middle School - There is one middle school in Nona: LakeNona Middle School. An Orange County public school, it accommodates grades between 6th and 8th. The school’s total student body is around 1,600, with a student to teacher ratio of around 19:1. When compared to other Florida middle schools, Nona is rated in the top 25th percentile.

Lake Nona High School - In Nona, there is one high school, and that high school is LakeNona High School. Like all the rest of the schools in Nona, it is an Orange County public school. Sporting a student body of around 2,300, it possesses a student to teacher ratio of around 21:1. Overall, it is rated in the 40th percentile of all Florida high schools.


While Orlando is filled with fun things to do, Nona is no slouch in the area of recreation either. The suburb plays host to plenty of recreational areas, from golf courses, to fitness centers, to parks, and more.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club - This Tom Fazio-designed golf and country club is a private club for all residents in the Nona community. It has played host to a number of professional golf tournaments, including the Tavistock Cup and the Solheim Cup. An 18-hole golf course, it possesses tees for all levels of golfers. But it’s not just a golf course. This country club also possesses a swimming pool, fitness center, fishing lakes, and a spacious clubhouse for dining and drinking purposes. A popular residence for professional golfers, it is home to Annika Sorenstam, Ian Poulter, Justin Rose, and others.

Village Walk - The Village Walk present at Nona not only makes it easy for residents to reach restaurants, shops, and otherwise, but it’s also a great place to get a nice walk or jog in. Built next to a beautiful lake, it lends gorgeous views, all the while connecting recreation spot to recreation spot. Several different places of recreation can be found along the walk, from pools, to parks, to fitness centers, and more. In fact, the Village Walk even connects to the Town Center; Nona’s premier dining and shopping spot.

Parks - There are a number of different parks which can be found throughout Nona, all of which sport their very own individuality and charm. Parks of all kind can be found in its friendly confines, from small parks, to dog parks, to athletic parks, to playgrounds, and more. These parks possess everything you need to quench your recreation thirst, from tennis courts, to basketball courts, to swimming pools, to running paths, and more. There is no outdoor activity which can’t be done at one of Nona’s spacious, outdoor park areas.

Fitness Centers - If you’re looking for a place to lift weights, run, play basketball, or participate in a number of other athletic activities, Nona has you covered. The community is home to several fitness centers, all of which offer something a little different. The three most popular fitness centers in the suburb include LP Fit, Northlake Park YMCA, and Landon House. These centers are open to Nona’s many residents, and host a number of different activities, from fitness classes, to sports leagues, and more.

Town Center - The true crown jewel of Nona is its Town Center. Home to everything from restaurants, to bars, to department stores, to malls, and more, it’s the go-to place for residents living in the community. It can be reached by both road and trail, and is exceedingly easy to get to regardless of where you live in the suburb.

Selling a Home in Lake Nona, Florida

As with any place, selling a home in the Nona neighborhood is not necessarily easy. There are a great many things you must have in line in order to sell your home at a reasonable price, and in a reasonable time frame.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you would be best served by a Realtor. And, in particular, a Realtor who has a deep and thorough knowledge of Nona and its surrounding areas. If you’re looking for an Orlando real estate agent who has a deep knowledge of the Nona area, we’re who you need to turn to.

Not only are we knowledgeable about current market trends and selling techniques, but we also understand how much a Lake Nona home will typically sell for. If you want to sell your home as quickly, and for as much money as possible, we’re the real estate agents you need on your side.

An Experienced Lake Nona Real Estate Agent Will Make Your Job Easier

Selling or buying Lake Nona real estate can be a truly daunting task. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to do it on your own. Without a proper and thorough knowledge of real estate technique and market trends, you will be doomed to selling or buying for too little or too much money, respectively.

Our Lake Nona Realty possesses the experience and resources needed to help you avoid this. Because we’ve been helping to buy and sell houses in the Nona area for so long, we’ve accumulated a deep knowledge of its real estate values and otherwise. To put it simply, we are the premier Lake Nona realty.

Nobody understands Central Florida real estate to the extent that we do. Buying and selling a house can be a frustrating process. The last thing you want to do is take on all of that frustration by yourself. A Lake Nona Realtor will ensure that you buy or sell your home in a timely and cost-effective manner. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

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