Why Buy a New Home in Orlando?

Why Buy a New Home in Orlando?

Orlando is an amazing city with plenty to do and see. It's the type of place where you have plenty of options to choose from for entertainment and fun, such as a night out on the town in your choice of restaurants and establishments or a day spent at Disney World.

Our city is also a great place for work with a flow of employment opportunities opening up continuously. Whether you are in the market for a new job or you simply want a change of scenery, Orlando is ideal for both your work and personal life. As a city in one of the sunniest and most desirable states in the country, this location draws people from around the country making it an interesting spot to live and own a home in.

While you may or may not be an amusement park fan, after spending some time here, you will discover why many people enjoy a visit to the parks every once in a while. As a city that welcomes diversity, encourages expression of opinion, and has a plethora of things to do in nature, like fishing and sports, it's a perfect place to hire a Realtor and buy a new home and start something new.

If you like the warm summers, then the weather in our area will be just right for you. It's the perfect destination for anyone who is sick of cold winters that seem to last forever. Here, we rarely ever have a cold day, but we do get to enjoy some cool weather every now and then.

This is where you can find quality of life in many aspects. From fabulous educational opportunities to many venues and parks for outdoor activities, the people who live here enjoy an active and fun lifestyle.

Whether you want a new home in this great metropolis or in one of the nearby towns of Winter Garden or Lake Nona, a real estate agent in Orlando can help to guide you in the process and ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for.

The benefits of a new home construction versus buying a used home

As you explore the real estate market in the city, you may come across the options of buying a newly constructed home or buying one that has already been lived in. While both may have their pros, these are the benefits that are possible from investing in a new home instruction:

  • A new home is entirely new. This means that from conveniences to the electricity and plumbing, there is no track record or previous problems to worry about. You will be the first one to use your home. No hidden problems, no ugly additions made to the kitchen, and no strange home improvements. It's like a white sheet of blank paper just waiting for you to draw your ideal décor and set up.
  • You don't have to worry about factors such as mold or hidden damage. Older homes may have unseen problems that perhaps the previous owner doesn't know much. A new home won't have these types of issues. From faulty pipes that a home inspector may have missed to black mold growing in the beams in the walls, older homes have been through a lot, especially in Florida weather, so a new home has the attractive factor that it hasn't yet had time for deterioration in any area of the home.
  • You will typically be able to get a larger home for the same price. This is often because newer homes are built in areas where they may not be able to build in a larger space, but can definitely add another story. This often means that you get some added extra space. Even if it's just a couple hundred feet or so, it makes a difference.
  • Will most likely meet an updated safety code. Older homes were built in a different time that perhaps didn't take new factors of the city into account. This means that your new home has to meet a certain criterion to be deemed safe. This is a plus for you so you can be certain that there are no unexpected hazards waiting around the corner for you, which can be both costly and dangerous.
  • New homes are under warranty in many places. Because your home will most likely come with a warranty of quite a few years, that means that you can get repairs should some of the key components prove to be faulty upon moving in. A warranty is not only a convenience, but can be highly important for new homes as you will be the first one living there and seeing how things work and if everything is up to standard with how it should be.
  • Better energy efficiency means lower utilities cost. Many builders are constructing homes that are better for saving energy and some even offer solar power. New homes are now being made to be more efficient in every sense of the word, so you can be sure that they will be an upgrade when it comes to saving energy, and even money.
  • There is just something about a brand-new item, in this case, a house. The clean walls, the shiny floors, the unlived in bedrooms. It's a new slate for you with no past and no history, making it an attractive idea for anyone who wants to start a new life in a new city with new belongings and a completely new place to begin in again.


While there are many benefits to investing in new home constructions, here are a couple from buying a used one:

  • You can buy a home with a fully-grown garden. New homes are just that, brand new, so they don't yet have all the greenery that you can perhaps find in an older home.
  • It may be conveniently located to popular areas. Many older homes are located nearer to downtown which tends to have the more desirable restaurants and places to visit.
  • Older homes often have a unique style. New construction homes are often built to look the same as your neighbors, which means that buying an older home may offer you more style and attractive architecture.

Incentives that home builders offer

Another attractive reason why you may want to buy a new home is that many times, home builders offer incentives to get more buyers for their new developments. Some examples of these possible incentives are:

  • They may offer you upgrades.
  • They often offer to give you an X amount upon closing on the home if you go through their lender.
  • In some developments, builders offer a certain incentive for military personnel.
  • At times, they offer a special feature, such as bigger rooms or upgraded counters, and even sometimes a free pool to garner interest.

While sometimes these incentives can be tricky and you should read the fine print, at other times they may actually save you money.

Why do home buyers need real estate agents for the buying process?

If you are in the process of moving to the Central FL area and would like to find a new home that you can move into when you arrive, you may need the help of Orlando real estate agents to help you find the right home for you.

Whether you want to live near Lake Nona or Lake Mary or are looking for a home in the nearby towns of Poinciana or Winter Garden, also in Central FL, our real estate agency orlando fl can help you find what you are looking for.

As some of the best Realtors in Orlando, we know where to find the most attractive and well-priced new homes in Orlando, and we are more than happy to help you in your search.

Following are the top benefits to hiring Orlando real estate agents when you want to find a new home:

  • While there may be someone at the new developments who shows you the new homes, they are hired by the builders, which means that they may seem like they have your best interest at heart, but in reality, they just want to make a sale. As some of the best Realtors around, we can help to negotiate terms and incentives with the builder to help you get the best home for you and your family.
  • A Realtor is trained to catch flaws in contracts or paperwork and we can help to ensure that you don't sign over on something that you may not be in complete agreement with. Because new developments and builders often have their own custom contracts, things can get a bit tricky or challenging for you. We can guide you through the process, as we have your best interest at heart.
  • A new home built from the ground up goes through multiple stages before your move-in day.  Did you know that we actually recommend having 3 separate home inspections for a new home construction rather than only 1 for a resale home?  This is because a new home should have an independent inspection done after the foundation, framing and finishing stages of the home build.  This way, a professional home inspection company will potentially find any deficiencies in the home before it is covered up by the drywall and cosmetic items inside the home.
  • We know the area and its surroundings by heart. That means that whenever new construction homes are finished, we know where to find them and we can do all the ground work to get you ready for seeing and possibly buying the perfect new home for you.
  • It makes sense that you don't know all the ins and outs of buying a home, especially if it's your first time. That's why an experienced Realtor in Orlando can help. As a top agency, we can make sure that you understand everything that is going on and ensure that no decision is made until you are completely sure of what you are agreeing to.
  • When we say that we'll read the paperwork for you, we aren't lying. Sometimes paperwork can consist of a big pile and that may not be the easiest for you to get around to. We'll walk alongside you and keep you aware of anything that stands out or that you should know about.
  • Because of what we do and our years in the industry, we are very familiar with the new subdivisions and through our long-standing relationships we can help to find you the right home in the right area that you are looking for. We like to work with trustworthy people as much as you do and we will do our best to find reliable and honest builders for your new home.
  • We can help you find homes that are perhaps not in the exact area that you first thought of, but that are even better. We know how to find the hidden gems, be they new or old.
  • It is unfortunate, but some builders, or more specifically their sales agents, will try to pull the wool over your eyes so that they can make that sell. We are experienced at spotting holes in the story, so to speak, and we can provide you with an extra set of ears and eyes for the process to help catch anything that could otherwise go unnoticed at first. Buying a home is a big investment, so it behooves you to take care when offering big money and making one of the biggest moves of your life.

If you are searching for a home in the central Florida area, we are more than happy to assist you in the process. Our clients are the most important part of why we do what we do and we are just as pleased as they are to find the perfect home.

Won't I get a discounted price on a new home if I don't use a buyer's agent?

This is one of the biggest myths in buying a new home construction.   Perhaps, a friend or coworker, mentioned how they got a great price on a new home below listing price, and they just so happened to buy it without using a buyer's agent.

Here is why builders may or may not lower their prices, and it has nothing to do with using a buyer's agent.

  • Home builders already set aside a portion of the price to pay for the buyer's agent's commission, which means there is no additional cost to you to use a buyer's agent.
  • The reasoning goes, well, if I don't use a buyer's agent, I could negotiate with the builder to remove that cost from the price of the home, so I can purchase the home at a discounted price.  However, this is not true.  Keep in mind that home prices in a subdivision are determined by appraisals.  And appraisals are determined by past sales.  If the home builder would reduce the price of your home, then that would negatively affect future appraisals and would lower the price for future home sales in the subdivision.
  • Rather, the builder's goal is to increase home prices in a subdivision with the more homes they sell.  This is why home prices in a new subdivision can sometimes increase substantially as the subdivision nears completion.  This is beneficial to both the homeowners in the community as well as the builder - greater profit margin for the home builder and homeowners that purchase earlier will see equity in their home.
  • Are there discounts in home prices?  Yes!  This almost always happens at the early developmental stages of a new subdivision and for the last few homes sold.  Builders will offer discounts in price to attract new homeowners into a new community.  Builders sometimes will offer discounts to the last few homes sold as they close up shop and move their office and staff to their next construction project.

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