Ministry and Corporate Relocation

Ministry Relocation

If you are a ministry worker or minister who is between ministry assignments or at a point of transition in your life, you'll find that Orlando can be a great place for you to grow deeper in your heart-connect with God and work at your ministry headquarters for a season.

We come alongside ministry workers, whether you're on your Lake Hart Stint with Cru or you're with Pioneers or Wycliffe.  We can assist with your relocation and help you find your home here.

We want to help you reach your goals and can give guidance on family moves, and ways to reduce the impact of your relocation.

If you're a supported staff and raise your own funds for ministry, we can walk you through what financing would look like in the home buying process.

If you have plans to move overseas or are returning from overseas, speak with us about the implications on buying or selling a home.

We would love to pray with you as you transition here to Orlando and making your move as pleasant as possible.

Corporate Relocation

Are you relocating for your employment?  Contact us today for the services we offer specifically for your relocation needs!

Let us answer your questions today!

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