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If they’re doing their jobs right, seasoned real estate professionals sometimes feel like marriage counselors! After all, it takes heart, intelligence, savvy and instinct to select properties that are on target for clients and steer them away from those that won’t work. It takes lots of hand-holding to get clients through their home sales, too.

If you’ve shopped for or sold homes before now in Central Florida, you probably already understand the art of a good working relationship between realtor and client. But if you’re a newbie and you’re dipping your toe into the water for the very first time, we would love to make your home search in Winter Park or neighboring Orlando Florida so effortless, your friends will envy you (and for good reason!).

A mini-history of Winter Park, Florida

Don’t let the fact that Winter Park’s better-known older sister (Orlando) hogs much of the media’s attention courtesy of that Disney theme park. Winter Park proudly stands on its own, an enclave of lush landscapes, upscale homes, high-end shopping and world-class schools with plenty to keep families happy and minus the tourists.

Located in Orange County and officially part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metro complex, Winter Park is a magnet for families eager to put down roots in a place that offers a true hometown environment within boundaries that encompass just 7.34 sq. miles.

First settled by Native Americans, Europeans discovered in Winter Park an idyllic place to relocate beginning in the mid 1850s. Pioneer David Mizell is considered the earliest founding father.

But Winter Park didn’t begin to flourish as a community until the 19th and 20th centuries. That's when business leaders--fed up with the cold weather on the East Coast and in the Midwest--began beating a steady path to this corner of Central Florida. Some landed in Orlando. Others preferred neighboring Winter Park.

Like most U.S. city growth stories, railways brought more people enchanted by weather and beauty and by 1885, the Florida legislature incorporated the Winter Park Company, the precursor to today’s thriving city.

How much do you know about Winter Park?

It’s fun to read about the history of one’s hometown, and sharing that history can’t hurt when you set about the business of either buying or selling a home because potential buyers and sellers are curious about history, roots and settlement stories.

But it's contemporary history that most intrigues shoppers because therein lies the story of what they can expect if they settle in a community. At the moment, the Winter Park residential real estate market is hot—-and advantage for sure--because once a decision is made to purchase a home or condo, neither buyer nor seller want to sit on the property and wait for it to appreciate in value.

While the Winter Park and Orlando markets are always in flux, we can share average prices: The median sale price of homes in Winter Park is currently around $265,000 or $192 per square foot. These figures encompass both resales and new homes--and yes, we can also help you find the right place if you’re interested in foreclosures and auctions.

Within Winter Park neighborhoods find a young community (average age is just 40) composed of around 70-percent of homeowners and 30-percent renters. Median household income is $56,500 thanks to 52-percent of the population holding college degrees. On the topic of schools, this community’s network is composed of 24 primary, middle and high schools, so parents and kids need never worry about leaving their neighborhoods to attend classes.

10 reasons Winter Park is an idyllic residential community

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce members couldn’t sleep on the job if they wanted to! For a city that occupies only 8 square miles, Winter Park's year-round menu of amenities is extraordinary and it's a major reason families choose to make their homes here. Who wants to rely upon Orlando when there's so much to do at home?

  1. Visit the Park Avenue Shopping District where the latest fashions are on display or stroll Hannibal Square, an historic neighborhood filled with eateries and boutiques.
  1. Explore museums including The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens, Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum, Winter Park History Museum and the Hannibal Square Heritage Center.
  1. Sail the Winter Park chain of lakes on your own boat or book a reservation on a local pontoon boat. Alternately, spend family time at Lake Virginia’s Alfond Boat House and Dinky Dock.
  1. Feed your culinary soul at 40+ restaurants situated on Park Avenue alone.
  1. Roam Central Park where 11 acres of pristine landscaping serve as backdrops to seasonal festivals and celebrations. Treat the kids to the free spray-play water feature at Shady Park year-round.
  1. Shop the Winter Park Farmers’ Market for freshly-picked produce and lots more.
  1. Attend Rollins College on Lake Virginia. Take classes, start or finish a degree.
  1. Don't miss the annual Bach Festival where Central Florida’s oldest performing arts group entrances listeners; take the family to Winter Park’s monthly “Popcorn Flicks” or Winter Park Playhouse performances for professional musical theatrical productions.
  1. Explore nature’s bounty at the Mead Botanical Garden and the Kraft Azalea Garden where acres of trails, ponds, flowers and trees are on display 24/7; play a round of golf at the Winter Park Country Club.
  1. The City of Winter Park’s events calendar is packed with festivals, holiday affairs and traditions that include the annual Concours d’Elegance exotic car show.

There's more, but you're here for the purpose of buying or selling your Winter Park home, so we'd like to share the following selling tips with you that will come in handy even before you pick a real estate agent.

5 Ways to get your home ready to be sold fast

Leave it to financial powerhouse Kiplinger’s to come up with great ideas for selling your home fast. We've borrowed the gist of what the publication recommends so you can get your place in shape even before you contact us.

  1. Curb appeal matters. You don’t want folks driving up, glancing at your yard and speeding away, right? Once you clean up the yard (backyard, too), a fresh coat of paint applied to your home’s exterior can do wonders for very little cash outlay. Beautify the scene: pots filled with hibiscus, palms and/or avocado trees make colorful, welcoming touches. When you move, take those pots with you!
  1. Put a handyman on speed dial if you’re not the DIY type. Little things can turn off home shoppers! As your agent, we can help you assess what needs to be done if you’re in a pinch, but you can also call a home inspector on your own (check the Winter Park Yellow Pages or use the internet) so by the time we arrive to list your home, all fixes are history.
  1. You don’t have to be an HGTV fanatic to understand that, according to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals and, “staging” a home interior can speed up the sale of your home dramatically. If you’ve got cable TV, check out home remodel shows to see how professionals go about de-cluttering and re-arranging stuff so rooms are instantly more appealing. If you must do so, rent storage space to accommodate the overflow.
  1. Work on your expectations before you call us. Your house may pass muster when it comes to the exterior and exterior, but if you get it into your head that your home is worth more than the market will bear, you’re in for disappointment. A big part of our role is to be honest and forthcoming, so don’t wrap your head around any sale price until we’ve verified with you that your neighborhood market is in the ballpark.
  1. Get involved in your home sale using social media. We’re going to do our part by recommending a series of steps that can include an open house, visits from the clients we think are most inclined to favor your type of home and within the agree-to price, but it costs you nothing to post your home on your Facebook page or circulate flyers to social groups. Become part of your sales team and move your home at the speed of light.

We're the Winter Park real estate agents most qualified to help you

You have many realtor choices in the Winter Park and Orlando home residential markets, so we would like to tell you why our competitors pale in comparison so you know that you’re getting the cream of the crop with us on your team. Here are just 10 reasons you can turn to us with complete confidence.

  1. We solve problems. That comment about real estate agents being marriage counselors? It's true. We find ways to get around the toughest obstacles: iffy credit, down-payment issues and the 6 cats or dogs residing in your current home.
  1. We like other people. Seriously. We don’t pretend we do—-we actually consider it a privilege to work with people looking to buy and sell homes in Winter Park and Orlando. After all, we live here too.
  1. We stand behind the integrity and honesty that our profession requires as members of the National Association of Realtors. We follow both a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and we take both extremely seriously.
  1. We make time for you. Sure, you could find your dream home a couple of hours into our first tour of available properties, but if you’re picky, we get it. We’re not on a time clock and you shouldn’t have to be on one either.
  1. We’re crazy about houses and architecture in general and it shows. That's why we don't have to run Google searches if you tell us you want a Georgian or a cottage that looks like it’s located on Cape Cod.
  1. We are fully staffed and we love to match client personalities with our own. Sign with us and if you don’t like the realtor you work with, let us know. And you don’t have to find an Orlando realtor if you decide that Winter Park isn’t for you because that's our market, too.
  1. We hear you. We won’t show you houses you can’t afford or drag you through neighborhoods that don’t fit your lifestyle. In fact, if you see homes that interest you on the Winter Park market but we think they're wrong for you, we won't stay silent.
  1. We know the Winter Park housing market so well, we could appear on a quiz show and take first prize. Isn’t that what you expect when you’re making such a huge investment?
  1. We’re connected to everything that matters in Winter Park. We work with other Winter Park and Orlando realtors every day, keep up with both municipal governments and we are also your prime resource for everything from zoning to utilities.
  1. We are perpetually on the front lines of the real estate market in Winter Park and surrounding communities and as you probably know, knowledge is power. Toward that end, our Winter Park realtor staff members continue to advance themselves via professional development and continuing education so we remain at the forefront of our profession.

We urge you to consider the best—-and never settle for less than excellence as you begin your own journey. Whether you’re buying or selling, we want to represent you and promise to do our best to live up to our claims. Give us a call or submit your information right now. Soon as we get it, your home search begins immediately!

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